Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Schiavo II -- Still Not Over

The Carpetbagger Report has it right: everything, and everyone, in America is officially for sale. The Schindlers have signed up with a "conservative direct-mail firm" to sell the names and emails of those who have donated money to help keep Terri Schiavo tubed up.

There is definitely some Grand Unifying Theory of Identity Theft coming to fruition here, but I can't flesh it out. I feel dirty enough as it stands.

And while I'm here...will the water-bearing protesters in Florida (led by Jesus DeLay) fly to Rome to help the Pope when the "medical terrorist" Archbishops try to "murder" him by yanking His Holiness' shiny, new feeding tube, once His brain turns to goo, and His sagging, shrunken-apple head grins at their "do-His-eyes-follow-the-balloon" tests?

Rejoinder out.


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