Saturday, July 02, 2005

Crimes and Misdemeanors (or When They Came For Karl, I Did Nothing But Cheer)

If this is true...oh, SNAP...

Rove = The Plame Leak

I'm sure someone will try to conflate Deep Throat and Rove if Rove goes up the river for this. I also think it will damn the party and the politicians that try; so, have at it, Rove-lovers.

Evidently, a perjury conviction isn't a lock yet, as it takes two witnesses to prove it in court. But email is much stronger evidence than phone records, according to the lawyers and babblers, and the Special Prosecutor and Grand Juries aint done yet...

Pour a 40 on the curb to mourn the next 25 years of our Supreme Court, homies, but this Rove thing is gonna be good!


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