Saturday, February 18, 2006

Throw the Bums In (Jail)

Most folks think all politicians are corrupt. Meet the new poster child:
"Having admitted unparalleled corruption, defendant Randall H. Cunningham now comes before the Court to be sentenced for his stunning betrayal of the public trust."
This guy was SO brazen in his feeding at the trough. The bullet points on that list don't really do his act justice; read the sentencing memorandum for the meat of his law-breaking and shameless abuses of privelege and power. It's pretty jaw-dropping, and well-paced, to boot.

Prosecutors have demanded the max, 10 years in jail. I wish it was life, with parole. The guy knew what he was doing when he committed a laundry list of felonies, and did it out of pure greed.

Thirty strikes, he's out.


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